General FAQs

Q1. What is 5G Technology?

5G is the fifth generation of cellular networks, bringing new capabilities that will create opportunities for people, businesses and society.

Q2. What does 5G Technology mean for me?

Simply put. A lot.

The future depends on connectivity. From tele-medicine to self-driving cars, from immersive remote learning to making our lives easier, safer and healthier, requires high speed, always-on internet connections.

5G offers always connected, high bandwidth, low latency and machine to machine wireless network technology.

Q3. How can I as a developer, leverage 5G Technology?

If you can dream it, you can build it.

5G provides the underlying infrastructure, the high speed pipeline, so to speak.

What you can do with it, is limitless!

You can design and develop applications in healthcare, entertainment, transportation, education, emergency services and many more. Just build your application to leverage the 5G communication stack.

Q4. What is innovate5G’s ‘in5GStore’?

innovate5G is on a mission of building the world’s largest 5G App marketplace, where you can publish and buy high-quality, tested, and benchmarked 5G applications, suitable for your enterprise’s needs.

Q5. What is innovate5G’s ‘in5Genius’?

With in5Genius you can take your application for a test drive over a 5G network and get it 5G certified.

Never before, have application developers had a chance to test their applications first hand on a live network.
Now you can!

With 5G, the applications have the ability to move into the network cloud. No longer are applications required to be on a device at hand, but these will reside and run in the network.

Q6. What type of applications can be tested on in5Genius?

Any application that can run over and/or inside the network can be tested on in5Genius.
Distributed applications, Network applications, Security applications, Radio Network Applications, Consumer applications. All kinds of applications from any industry, can be tested on in5Genius.

Q7. Where is the 5G test facility located?

Many of our 5G test networks are located in the United States. New 5G test beds from other parts of the world, are being vetted for addition to our platform, currently.

Q8. Do I have to be at the 5G test facility physically to use the test bed?

No, you don’t have to physically travel to the 5G test facility. in5Genius gives you an easy access via an automated test execution environment for your applications.

Q9. What application metrics are tested on the in5Genius platform?

in5Genius provides application specific network performance data.

Some of the metrics measured and reported are:

  • Throughput sustained and observed
  • Latency and jitter measured
  • Connections established
  • Application performance on network degrade
  • Application reliability over the network
  • Application availability over the network
  • Application quality of experience
  • Content streaming quality

There are many more. Sign up today to learn more about the various test categories.

Q10. How do I apply to test on in5Genius?

It’s easy. You simply sign up here.

Q11. We have a 5G test bed. How do we lease the 5G test bed on in5Genius?

We are constantly looking for specialized test beds. Please drop us a line to discuss your 5G test bed further.