Welcome to innovate5G!

We are on a mission to create a 5G ecosystem for all who want a piece out of it. innovate5G offers the following services:

1. in5GStore

A marketplace filled with numerous applications and potential customers.

Application developers from all over the world publish their applications for a customer to browse through. These applications are building blocks of the 5G ecosystem we are trying to create.

Applications are from a number of industries and they come in all shapes and sizes. From orchestration, cybersecurity, edge AI to virtual reality, healthcare and IoT applications which are the evident transition to the fourth industrial revolution we’re preparing for. These applications are thoroughly tested to meet the high expectations of the industry and have immense potential for your next ambitious venture.

in5GStore recognizes two roles for a visitor:

1.1 Marketplace Developer

If you have your 5G Application tested and ready to go, in5GStore is the perfect place to showcase it to the world.

You can publish your app on the in5GStore which offers you numerous options to highlight your app. Fill in the name, logo, version, benchmark, region, matrices etc. details and you are all set to showcase what you have to offer.

1.2 Marketplace Customer

Industry 4.0 is the obvious transition to the future and 5G is one of the pillars it stands on.

As we are witnessing this transition, you and your company would require 5G to aid you throughout it, and hold your ground in the future. in5GStore is the largest 5G App Marketplace, which can prove to be your perfect partner. You can browse through hundreds of applications that are tested, certified, and benchmarked backed with our quality standards. No matter which industry you work in, in5GStore allows you to find the perfect application, tailored to your needs.

in5GStore reaches approximately 9,000 public sector and nonprofit member organizations across the United States, as an approved MiCTA vendor.

2. in5Genius

in5Genius is a testing platform we built and is a sophisticated, hassle free and mighty platform which enables Application Developers from all over the world to come under one roof to test their ambitious applications.

With in5Genius, you can test, benchmark and certify your application on live wireless networks remotely.

It enables you to test your applications on and over high performance live 5G networks and provides you with detailed results which would help you appreciate the good and correct the flaws. It provides you with highly detailed results on performance parameters like end to end latency, speed, capacity, bandwidth, device density, reliability presented in a very simple yet informative manner like radar graphs and tabulated formats.

To access these features, the very first thing you need to do is create an account, which allows you to access all the different kinds of services we offer.

To simplify it for you,

No matter if you are a customer or an application developer, we at innovate5G are eager to cater to your needs, tailoring and personalizing the experience for you to the highest extent possible. All you need to do is,