in5Genius FAQs

Q1. What are the pre-conditions for the application before testing on in5Genius?

We recommend that the application already has gone through SDLC testing by the application development team such as unit testing, integration testing, and system testing. You should only submit stable application loads for in5Genius testing to ensure the in5Genius test failures are not coming from an inadequately tested application.

Q2. Do I need to write network test cases to test my application on in5Genius?

No, you do not need to write network test cases. in5Genius auto-generates the required test cases, for the network testing of the application and these test cases are auto-scheduled and autonomously executed on the network by the in5Genius platform.
You do need to provide test scripts to trigger the application to execute in an environment. Typically, these are the same test scripts application developers would have produced as part of their application test cycle. 

Q3. I see test case categories selected for my application testing. How does in5Genius select these categories?

These test case categories are auto-generated based on the application profile selected by the application developer. The more accurately the application profile is filled up, the more precise the test categories, that will be chosen for the test execution on a live 5G network.

Q4. How long is a test cycle for application testing on a live 5G network?

It depends on the type of application and the application profile setup. The more test categories that are auto-selected by the in5Genius platform, the longer the test cycle takes to complete. Average execution times for a single application could take 10 mins to a few hours. 
Test case execution velocity is available on the dashboard.

Q5. How accurate is the testing on in5Genius?

The test results are 95% accurate due to the automated nature of the platform.

Results may be inaccurate in the event that the application profile has not been accurately specified. If your application does not apply to any options provided in the application profile, please drop us a line.

Q6. I have received a test fail status for my application under test. How do I analyze the failure?

Test logs are provided by the platform for analysis for both successful and failed test cases.

Q7. I think my test results are erroneous. How do I re-submit my application for testing?

You can re-submit your application for testing if you think the test results are not valid. We recommend you use our customer support form to inform us about the erroneous test results and our customer support will monitor your application testing during the re-test and will follow up closely with you on the re-test results.

Q8. Can I collaborate with my team members on in5Genius?

Yes. You can add team members with the desired level of access permissions on in5Genius.

Q9. How many team members can I add on in5Genius?

It depends on which plan are you on. The maximum number of team members allowed on your account is mentioned in your plan details. Please contact us for any custom requirements.

Q10. If I wish to collaborate with a person who does not belong to my company, can I do that?

Yes. in5Genius allows seamless collaboration among teams (internal or external). Just add their email address and they will be able to access your account.

Q11. I wish to add team members, but I do not want all of them to have the same permissions to my account. Is that possible?

Yes. While adding team members to your account, you can decide the level of access you would like to give to your team members. Currently, three levels of access are available : Full access (Admin), Application Write, and Application View. You can change them later on if needed.

Q12. How do I log out of the business accounts I access?

On clicking ‘close’ on the right corner of the header, or clicking ‘Log Out’, you will be logged out of all of your accounts. You will be able to access your own account on signing in to in5Genius again.