in5Genius – How-to guide

Application developers, welcome!

Step 1.

The account you created on any of our platforms is synchronous and allows you to browse through all that we offer. Don’t have an account yet? Follow this simple procedure to Sign up here.

Step 2.

The next step is to fill out your user profile.

You can upload your picture, department that you are working for, company role etc. Next, you fill up your enterprise details to help us know better about the industry you are working in.

Step 3.

If you are first time user of in5Genius, you would be on the ‘free’ plan at the beginning.

We want you to explore the multitude of opportunities you might come across. By deciding the needs for your application, you can choose a monthly or yearly package, which suits the best for your application. And there’s always an option of upgrading!

Step 4.

You can add your team members on our platform to work closely with them. Create a team, send an invitation. Once the concerned person approves, voila!

Step 5.

Once you are done with the above steps, here comes the interesting part.

An ‘App Dashboard’ welcomes you to see all the different apps you have or are going to put up for testing and their performance parameters, all at a glance.

Click on an Application Name and it shows you its performance parameters in graphical and visual representations.

If you have not uploaded an application yet, use the Upload New Application button.

We have tried to make this a simple yet powerful process where you can input all the information related to your application.

Application names, types, purposes followed by the test cases, OS, App5GSST, Hardware types and much more. Fill in the Traffic profile details and it will take you to the application upload section. Upload Application, emulators, test scripts and version. Please note, the more detailed and exact information provided at this stage would give more detailed results.

Note: We recommend that the application should already have gone through SDLC testing by the application development team such as unit testing, integration testing, and system testing. You should only submit stable application loads for in5Genius testing to ensure the in5Genius test failures are not coming from an inadequately tested application.

Once you have uploaded your application, the rest is on us. You will get timely updates and will be notified once the results arrive.

There are different stages an Application can be in:

‘Uploaded’: You have uploaded the application and testing has not started yet.

in5Genius auto-generates the required test cases, for the network testing of the application and these test cases are auto scheduled and autonomously executed on the network by the in5Genius platform.

‘In Progress’: Testing has commenced.

Our team is handling your application with care while also gruelling it to churn out its maximum potential.

Time required for testing depends on the type of application uploaded. The more test categories that are auto selected by the in5Genius platform, the longer the test cycle takes to complete. Average execution times for a single application could take 10 mins to a few hours.

‘Successful’: Testing is successful and the results will be visible.

‘Rejected’: Unfortunately, the Application didn’t make it through.

You will be given insight into the corrections you need to make to get the application up and running again. There is no limit to how many times an application is uploaded for testing. So relax.

‘Aborted’: If you feel the application you uploaded might need some repairs prior to testing and you want to upload it some other time, you can abort the testing procedure and come back to it later.

In case you are stuck in any of these stages, please refer to our FAQs on the ‘Help’ tab, where you might find your answers. If that doesn’t help either, we have a dedicated team to help you. Just send us a mail from the ‘Help’ tab describing your problem (the more detailed the better), and our team will connect with you shortly.

Once you are satisfied with your test results, you can publish/deploy your app on the ‘in5GStore’.