in5Genius v1.0 Release Notes

Product Name:            in5Genius 1.0

Current Version:         v1.0

Version Date:              May 2021

Release Type:              Software – New Product

Technical Notes:

  • In5Genius version 1.0 features a SaaS test platform to test applications on a live 4G/5G Network.
  • The platform provides support for testing mobile applications, edge cloud applications and distributed applications currently.
  • In5Genius v1.0 provides 4G and 5G Network KPIs in terms of Application Service Class Parameters on an application dashboard.
  • In5Genius v1.0 auto-selects the testcases to run based on the Application Profile entered for Application under Test (AUT).
  • In5Genius v1.0 auto-runs the testcases and provides the results on an Application Dashboard.
  • In5Genius v1.0 provides a radar graph comparing the capabilities of a 4G or 5G Network to the usage by the Application under Test (AUT).
  • Application Service Parameters as applicable to the selected Service Slice Type in the Application profile is mapped. Please see Disclosures.
  • Application dashboard shows the progress of the application across various states: Uploaded, In Progress, Successful, Rejected, Aborted.

Supports the following:

  • 4G Network Testing on Band 41
  • 5G Network Testing on N41 and N48
  • Mobile Applications on iPhone and Android
  • Edge Applications on on-premise Linux or Windows OS
  • Distributed Applications (between Mobile and Edge Cloud)
  • IoT Sensors supported by Band 41, N41 and N48

Features available:

  • Automated Test Category selection
  • Automated Test run
  • Application Test status
  • Application Test report
  • Application Test logs
  • Adding a Team with up to 10 members
  • Up to 5 versions of the same application can be tested on a business premium monthly paid account


Full network slice testing is not available on this release.

Multiple application uploads in a single account are not supported.

Multiple sandbox support is not available.

Multiple teams support is not available.