in5Genius v2.0 Release Notes

Product Name:            in5Genius 2.0

Current Version:         v2.0

Version Date:              Sep 2021

Release Type:              Software – Additional Features

Technical Notes:

  • in5Genius v2.0 can now be accessed on Smartphones and Tablets.
  • in5Genius v2.0 has updated Application Profile forms with App Categories, Content Type, and Security Test categories.
  • in5Genius v2.0 now supports distributed applications. Distributed applications allow for a client and a server application to be uploaded with corresponding application profile. 
  • in5Genius v2.0 has Chatbot integration for additional help.
  • in5Genius v2.0 supports adding team members and accessing Business accounts on invitation from host.
  • in5Genius v2.0 features an updated and improved App Dashboard which features graphs displaying 4G and 5G Network KPIs. It shows real time timestamps and instantaneous performance of your applications. It also offers downloading of these performance parameter graphs.
  • in5Genius v2.0 accepts Bash scripts along with Appium and Selenium scripts. 
  • Application dashboard shows the progress of the application across various states: Uploaded, In Progress, Successful, Failed (previously ‘Rejected’), Aborted.

Supports the following:

  • 4G Network Testing on Band 41
  • 5G Network Testing on N41
  • Mobile Applications on iPhone and Android
  • Edge Applications on on-premise Linux or Windows OS
  • Distributed Applications (between Mobile and Edge Cloud)
  • IoT Sensors supported by Band 41, N41

Features available:

  • Automated Test Category selection
  • Automated Test run
  • Application Test status
  • Application Test report
  • Application Test logs
  • Adding a Team with up to 10 members ( on selected plans only)
  • Business account access on invitation
  • Subscription Plans
  • Network Capability Identification
  • Test Logs along with recorded Test videos
  • Application Security Report


Full network slice testing is not available on this release.

Graph comparisons and log co-relation feature is currently under development.